Friday, 20 March 2009

Damp in houses

This is for a fellow Time Exchange member who was asking about damp in her house.
Having dealt with damp and rot in my hallway last year this is something I now know about.

If the walls do sometimes appear wet or have visible moisture on them it may well be due to condensation.
Untreated damp can lead to health problems worsening such as asthma.

If the walls are mainly affected below one metre it could be related to rising damp.
Rising damp is common in houses with no damp proof course or a failed damp proof course.

There is a lot of information on the net about this, you can work out the probable cause of the damp in your home using google searches on damp house, condensation, rising damp etc but ultimately you may need a surveyor to diagnose the problem and save you spending money on inappropriate work.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Spring Blossom near Leazes Court

These white blossoms seem to be the first to show each year.

A building going up on Gallowgate

This shot was from the Chinese Gate near Newcastle's Chinatown.

View of Eldon Square Extension from Newgate Street Co-op

Looking from the entrance of Newgate Street Co-op, after I finished my shopping, I took this picture of the latest developments on the extension to Eldon Square.

People's Kitchen... Bath Lane

The People's Kitchen on Bath Lane provides food for the needy of Tyneside.

Newcastle Brewery-Gone!

The view on Bath Lane facing West, shows the empty site where the Brewery once stood.

Newcastle Breweries Demolition Shots

The Brewery site on Bath Lane looking East towards St. James Park.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Recycle used stamps for RNIB

I put some old postage stamps in an envelope ready to send to the RNIB, as soon as I have bought some new stamps.

Shredded Tofu

I found this pack of shredded tofu in the fridge in Hutchinson's Fruit and Veg on Stanhope Street.
(mandarin: gansi, doufu si ... these long shreds are just like noodles).
Made by the Oriental Dragon tofu factory across the river in Gateshead.
They don't seem to have a website but they've been making lots of lovely tofu for years.

weather on Tyneside

This winter has given us lots of snow, sleet and ice.
This tree in Leazes Park was laden with newly fallen snow.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

declutter and filling

Today Julia from Time Exchange arrived to fill the holes in the plaster in my airing cupboard.
I also continued to declutter paperwork. I am throwing away old coursework from 2004...
why am I storing all these old papers, nearly 5 years old?

The course was:
CG 9295 Certificate in Adult Learner Support (Level 2)

Awarding body
City & Guilds

This course consists of five units of which two are mandatory: Unit 1 Working in the Sector and Unit 2 Supporting Learners. Participants then need to take one of the following units: Unit 3 Literacy, Unit 4 Numeracy or Unit 5 ESOL. They will explore the skills required as part of a team supporting adult participants to develop their literacy, numeracy and ESOL skills. Please visit there for latest news from Herbwormwood