Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Lower Shaw Farm

Earlier this week I picked up an email from a mailing list I am on run by
In it they mentioned Lower Shaw Farm.
Here is what I wrote back:

"Thanks for reminding me about lower shaw farm.
I went on a fungus foray course there in the mid 1980s!
I remember the event and that it was in Swindon, but had completely forgotten the name of the farm until I read your newsletter!
I've had a look round their website and see they have expanded what they do.
I wonder if the same people are running it? If so you can ask them if they remember 2 teenaged girls,, one with short punk style hair and one with long dark hippy style hair, on one of the fungus forays, I think it would have been around 1984? We would have probably been the youngest there at the time."

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