Saturday, 25 July 2009

Update on Ventilation systems

Interesting comment from Will about Envirovent , the old unit which broke down a few years ago was an Envirovent, it could not be repaired.
I looked at their website, seems quite a good company to work with.
Here,the landlord decides which product to use so I didn't have any say in it. In fact I had been chasing them up for a a whole year to get the replacement put in. The landlord has certain contractors who they deal with, again, the tenants don't have any say in it. At least we don't have to pay any separate charges for such expensive repairs, it all comes out of our rent money!
The contractors, Warrens,who are based in 'Boro, did a really nice neat job and the vent is already making the place seem fresher.
Keep windows open as much as possible, try not to dry clothes indoors, keep bathroom and kitchen doors closed when doing anything steamy.

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