Monday, 20 July 2009

Step by Step DIY in Kitchen.

To sucessfully complete my DIY project I need to complete 8 or 9 steps.
1. Remove all paper.
2. Call landlord's maintenance service about mould, rising damp and plaster which has broken up beside boiler pipe.
Structural repairs and rising damp are the landlord's legal responsibility.
3. Fill holes with filler, where larger holes exist pack with dead matches first then apply filler.
4. Sand walls and lightly sand glosswork on wooden boxing in of pipework.
5. Wash walls and all wooodwork with solution of sugar soap.
6.Phone ECOS paints for delivery of a tin of non toxic paint.
7. Check all repair work has been completed by landlord's maintenance service man.
8. He may wish to treat the green mould himself, if he doesn't do that I have some Polycell Mould Killer which will need to be painted on to the mould.
9. Apply paint!

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