Monday, 3 August 2009

Distemper and Damp

The landlord's joiner arrived today to look at the damp in the kitchen. The bit which looks like rising damp.
He is sure it is damp, he said he could tell just by looking at it. But he is surprised where it is because he reckons that is a "solid" wall where damp should not be.
Therefore, it needs someone higher up the chain to look at it and tell him what to do. Whatever it is... the wall obviously needs treatment and will have to be drilled.
The outside wall where the radiator is is fine and has been treated, the greyish patches is "dead" mould.
As for the bit near the boiler apparently that's classed as "decorating" and is the tenant's responsibility.
The green stuff which looks like the mould that grows on bread is distemper, possibly applied during World War II when paint was in short supply.
I have been told the work will not cause much mess or dust so I can continue to prepare the rest of the room for painting and even start on the painting.

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