Tuesday, 4 August 2009

In Gratitude

I would like to publicly thank the following people for all their help so far with my kitchen.
First of all Vix helped with the loan of a large ladder, and a small electric sander.
Jeff has helped with all the work above 6 feet where I cannot reach.
Arthur's Hill Time Exchange arranged for a volunteer, Alan, to help with sanding the areas I could not reach. Alan brought his friend along too!
Again a helpful neighbour removed the paper from behind radiator and behind the boiler pipes.
Jeff moved the fridge-freezer around the kitchen a number of times so we could remove paper from behind it, and then moved it out of the kitchen completely, each time managing to level it perfectly on the uneven floor.
Landlord's repair help line organised for a professional to check the damp behind the fridge, and landlord will be paying for all the structural repairs to the wall.
Thanks to Colin for checking the damp and explaining what will be happening with the structural repairs. Thanks to Jeff for volunteering to sand the wooden boxing in.

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