Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Stanhope Street furniture

As we walked back from the new recycling centre on Dunholm Road (which looks really cool with it's wooden panel surround and quirky signage... unfortunately I forgot I had my camera, I was so keen to see which items of recycling it would accept) we stopped off at the Brighton Grove Oriental Food Store where I bought pistachio nuts, a pack of my favourite fresh Iranian dates and some Zest Vegan Pesto.
I really like this shop as it has lots of vegan goodies like what I bought today, dried veggie mince, fantastic range of pulses, herbs, spices, sauces etc.
Then we stopped for a rest beside the junction of Dilston Road and Stanhope Street. At all the junctions new stone seats, signs and planters have been installed.
Then we called into Hutchinson's Fruit and Veg for tofu and cucumber, Iceland for frozen diced onions (these are excellent for those of us with reduced hand dexterity who have trouble chopping onions) then, rather hot and tired, went home!

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