Friday, 30 October 2009

Resting waterbirds

Lots of water birds are chilling out around Leazes Lake at the moment.
They don't seem bothered by people getting close to them as they know they are likely to get food, and even take food out of people's hands.


This is a flower of some kind, on a tree near the Richardson Road entrance to Leazes Park. I am guessing a type of cotoneaster? Very Georgeous!

Autumn Mushrooms

The mushrooms around the trunk of the tree in Leazes Park which I saw yesterday have been damaged, but I found these near the entrance to The Royal Victoria Infirmary. I had an appointment at the New Victoria Wing, but I have found a way through inside the building from the Peacock Hall entrance, for use on days of inclement weather.

Leazes Park

I believe this is the Leaning Poplar which is scheduled for "removal" aka felling, as it has diseased trunk and roots.

Pure View

This was a most tranquil scene, on Bute.

Bute so beautiful

Bute is said to be the most beautiful of the Western Isles!
This path was too muddy to venture far beyond where I stood.

Still on Bute

While on Bute I found this ladies' toilet festooned with knicknacks and decorations, it is in a remote area without an attendant!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bute Postbox

This postbox is a Victorian one in Rothesay on Bute, which we noticed on our holiday. That day was a beautiful September day, sunny and mild.
Here on Tyneside we now are really at the end of autumn and getting into winter, the days are short and mushrooms can be seen growing on and around the trees in Leazes Park and Castle Leazes. I will attempt to get some photos.

what do vegans eat anyway?

Yesterday I had one of those packets of prepared stir fry vegetables which I stir fried with sesame oil, then I added Sharwoods plum sauce, and some leftover chicken style granose nut loaf. I then added some cooked white rice and baked beans.
British Summer Time ended last weekend and I am finding it difficult to adjust.
Its nice that its a lot lighter in the mornings but its getting dark soon after 4 pm and I am feeling so very tired in the evenings.
I now have a date for the completion of the damp repair in the kitchen. November 16!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

At last the surveyor visits

Today the surveyor visited as arranged and waved his damp meter over the walls in the kitchen.
It is damp but he is not saying what kind of damp it is.

The mess and holes in the wall by the by the boiler needs a repair in his opinion and he has made a note of it. It depends on what kind of boiler it is how this should be done.
Now he needs to discuss with Colin what work has already been done to see if a full repair of the DPC with injections will be needed or if it can be done more easily. He would like to see if the guarantee for the DPC can be found as it should still be valid.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Rothesay Harbour

The weather on Bute was perfect for most of our holiday. Here is a view of the Victorian port of Rothesay on an idyllic September afternoon. Please visit there for latest news from Herbwormwood