Friday, 27 November 2009

Finish off damp repair

Today was the last day of the damp repair.
It got postponed again because the person who was scheduled to do the work was off sick.

Our other joiner, who usually works in South Sheilds, has given me some information about the cause of the damp. As before its due to a lack of complete damp proof course.

The repair he has done using a water repellent plaster. "dry- or dri XXXXX" whatever-it-is may not stop the rising damp traveling up the wall permanently, and in a few years may need a proper dsmp proof course installing. The door which was there before post war renovations to the building meant the damp proof course was not installed at that point. If the switch trips and fails, affecting the fridge, it will have been due to water traveling up the wall and rusting the switch plate.

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