Thursday, 31 December 2009

Central Heating Boiler and weather

We had a lot more snow here and this morning I was woken up at 6.40 by the sound of my Baxi Solo 2 central heating boiler in distress.
It was so cold during the night it was really having a hard time getting going, and was making this worrying cracking sound as well as its normal clicking sound, as it tried to ignite, like... click.. cracklecraclecrack!
Then igniting and going off again.
It kept doing that for a few minutes as I stood in front of it feeling cold and hoping it would be ok, it was like it was desperately trying but could not quite manage.
I actually started talking to it and telling it to be good and behave itself.
So now it seems ok, except a couple of the radiators are not heating up properly.
I have turned the controller to constant heat (its thermostatically controlled and switches off when it gets to the desired temperature),and will keep it like that until I have decided what to do. I don't want it breaking down over New Year and trying to get an engineer out.
It was checked in the summer and received a perfect health certificate, so let's hope it is just a bit tired with all the work its having to do.

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