Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gallowgate and Old Brewery area

If you walk up St Andrews Street you will see the Chinese Gate, which is at the junction of Gallowgate, St Andrews Street and Stowell Street. In the background on the left one can see the new building works on the site of the old Newcastle Brewery. It could be part of the new university development, or a hotel chain. We shall wait and see.

Recently, in March, I have had my Mum visiting. It was her 76th birthday. We went for luxury manicures at Savannah Lifestyle Salon and Spa, and then for dinner at Jack Sprat's Vegetarian Cafe and Restaurant.

Also we had a large family get together with the Australian contingent at Nudo Noodle House.

On the housing front, we had contractors on the estate to start replacing the old lead water mains.
They have dug trenches under a few of the blocks of flats, put warning notices up and now have gone away, and we have not seen them for weeks. At some point all the ground floor bathrooms will need the water mains inflow pipes refitting, which will involve digging a large hole in the bathroom floors, under the bath, as that is where the mains pipes enter the building.

More news... I was away for a week at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. Much meditation was practiced, in the ceremony hall, in the kitchen, in the dining room, and garden.

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