Friday, 30 July 2010

Blackout Curtains

Eventually I got round to replacing the roller blinds in the bedroom with blackout curtains. Thanks to Jeff for helping put up a curtain rain and hang the curtains.
Living on a main road, with high intensity streetlights, it was difficult to sleep at night with the traffic noise. There's flashing lights from emergency vehicles and nocturnal street sweepers; and other slow moving maintenance vehicles which seem to go on training exercises at night time here; and light pollution from the streetlights.
I have been asked to write where I got the curtains, so here is a link

click here for the curtain shop .
I was really pleased with them and they are only made over the other side of the Pennines in Lancashire!
They are very well made, arrived quickly and do what they claim to do!
So now its actually dark at night when we want to get to sleep, and hopefully will keep out some of the traffic noise too.
On the subject of traffic there are only 2 days left to object to plans to build a huge 24 hour Tesco on the site of Newcastle General Hospital.

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Thea said...

Those sound nice. We have thick curtains that work pretty well, but I've been in places where the curtains were thin, and I would get woken up by the sun in the morning!
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