Monday, 12 July 2010


I have not managed to get out and about with my camera recently, so I'm not posting any new photos today.
The trees and bushes around here have really increased in height this year, some by a few feet since last year, maybe due to the very cold winter and hot weather earlier in the summer.

There has been a blackbird family and a sparrow family nesting in the hedge outside my bedroom this year, and today I saw one of the young blackbirds foraging on the ground near the nest. The young sparrows have been out munching on the green dog rose sprouts (or was it the little insects they can see but I can't)?
On the subject of what I can see, I treated myself to some new lenses for my glasses, this year I got varifocals which go dark when I go out in the sun... since I read about spending too much time in the sun being a contributory cause of cataracts I am trying to protect the middle aged eyes a bit more.
Other news, Tesco have put in another planning application to Newcastle City Council to build a superstore on the site of Newcastle General Hospital.

Read about it in the local press

As I live in the area I received a copy of the planning application, I had not seen the newspaper article in April.

While walking through the Hospital grounds recently I felt somewhat sad to see so much of it closed down or demolished... canteen where I used to have dinner when I worked there, demolished, now a car park, pathology lab semi derelict and waiting for probably demolition, many outpatients services all closed up or demolished. Accident and Emergency Department still in healthy working order and doing a wonderful job, as I found for myself last year during an emergency admission at least as far as I can remember as I not in a fit state to make value judgements! I get the impression the hospital site is in limbo at the moment, since Tesco bought the land without planning permission, the NHS Foundation Trust cannot proceed with any plans for the site.

Look at the Foundation Trust site here
You will not see any of these plans, however you will see how many services have been removed from our so- called "General" Hospital

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