Friday, 16 July 2010

More news on Plans for Tesco to develop Hospital Site

I decided to use today's post to publicise a few of the web sites and pages which relate to the plans to build a 24 hour superstore on the historic site of Newcastle General Hospital.

The most important one is a link to the planning department at Newcastle City Council, where people are putting their comments, both for and against the planning application
You can look at it here If you want to comment you have to request an account from the planning department and log in before commenting. It's quite easy but you have to provide an email address and then be patient while they send you a registration. The planning site will sometimes go "down" for maintenance during the afternoons.

There is a local campaign to stop the plans to build a megastore on the site
Here is their website

The latest I have heard is that there will be traffic restrictions on the West Road, thus pushing traffic out into the other roads, which are mostly terraces of high density housing and blocks of flats which are high density social housing: Leazes Court, Queen's Court, and Sutton Dwellings, social housing blocks on Stanhope Street, as well as polluting our green spaces, Town Moor, Leazes Park and and Nun's Moor Park with 24/7 traffic noise and emissions, and that means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The campaign also has a Facebook page

And a twitter page

The consortium who wants to develop the hospital site uploaded a promotional video on youTube some time ago, showing a futuristic virtual world, which does not include either cars or 24 Hour Tesco superstore. Have a look at it here

If you have a youtube account you can comment on it.

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