Monday, 9 August 2010

Guttering and drainpipe

The operatives, M and C, have been out today making adjustments to the drainpipe outside my home.
They have opened up the drain and found that the drainpipe was not fitting into the drain at all. "Its just a dummy!" I heard one exclaim to the other. A "dummy drainpipe" is a "drainpipe" which does not drain into a drain.
The photo shows how the drain cover is positioned a few inches away from the bottom of the drainpipe. The bottom of the drainpipe was outletting directly onto the asphalt, which was effectively completely blocking it from emptying, as if it had been plugged at the bottom.
The picture was taken after the work was completed and shows the mortar where the holes have been filled in the asphalt and the position of the drainpipe in relation to the drain.
M and C had to puncture the drainpipe at 2 points to allow the water to empty out of it, which it did in a couple of long high pressure jets, wetting one of them in the process! They have done something to divert the drainpipe into the drain, which I think involved some new pipework. They also found a large bit of rock in the drain, and 2 tennis balls in the drainpipe, which were also blocking it.

Now the work is completed we just have to wait until there is some more rain, and see if the rain flows down the pipe (which means the work was successful) or off the gutter and down the wall (which means it was not)!

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