Monday, 2 August 2010

Jesmond Trip

I had heard the Oxfam shop in Jesmond had some really good quality clothes, so I finally got around to a visit.
Very nice clothes in there, much more good quality than the charity shops in the town, but much more expensive too. I did not find anything suitable. Recent fashion for huge and low low necklines is not to my taste as I have no cleavage and do not like to show off all my bare chest.
I also spent some time in the Oxfam bookshop, just round the corner from Acorn Road, and managed to find the Mistletoe Bakery on Mistletoe Road, where I bought a small wholemeal loaf. I liked the shop a lot.
This part of town is so different from the West End it could be another city entirely. I did not hear any Geordie accents, house prices in an estate agent window at £850,000, whereas semi detached houses in some parts of the West End are almost unsalable.
Unfortunately I was now rather lost, as I don't normally stray far from the West End. I asked which way back to town centre, and eventually came to an area I thought I knew, and soon I was in Exhibition Park, where I had a rest in the Sensory Garden.

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