Saturday, 11 September 2010

Corroded cast iron soil pipe

Yesterday my upstairs neighbour phoned the repairs contractor about the leaking cast iron soil pipe and was told the repair had been put out to a subcontractor.
Which is fair enough considering the work will entail taking the communal drain apart and dealing with raw sewage.
It will need to be done by specialists with proper safety gear.
However, on Monday it will be 3 weeks since the repair person inspected and made a report on it. And in the meantime 2 young girls are sleeping in a bedroom which is damp and mouldy and when we open a window and someone upstairs has had diarrhoea or vomited into the toilet it leaks through the corroded pipe and we can all smell it.
If I don't see anyone attending to this on Monday I'm going to write an email, and copy it to the landlord, and the Head of Operations.
As we are paying rent and service charge for such things to be attended to properly.
I am also planning on writing an email about the lack of maintenance of the guttering, leading to the damp problems in the ground floor flats, but will wait until the soil pipe has been fixed.

I'm reading a talk by Reverend Master Daishin at the moment about seeing from a point of view, of seeing the little picture and the big picture, so during meditation I'm trying to integrate these insights which I'm having. Also the fact that the universe is not answerable to my personal will. Just because I think something is shocking, or deplorable, doesn't mean it will suddenly change just because that is what I want!
Also if I am treating my campaign to keep the building properly maintained as work, then t would be inappropriate to obsess about work during leisure time or when sitting in meditation.

I've also just finished reading
The Children's Book by A.S.Byatt

Took me a long time to read it but it made a change from my usual mix of detective thrillers and Buddhist Dharma books!

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