Monday, 13 September 2010

The Mysterious Case of Lost Repairs

I phoned the repair contractor today to enquire on the progress of the corroded cast iron soil pipe.
I was told this had gone out to a sub contractor called Lanes for Drains on 9th September.
So I got the phone number for Lanes for Drains off the internet and phoned them. Apparently this has been requested as a job to investigate a bad smell coming from the drain.
Not to replace a cast iron soil pipe.
There were no further details on the job sheet.
I emphasised this was outstanding work which had not been done  and finally found that in fact the work was scheduled for tomorrow.
So, once more we are having to wait and see.
Either it will all get fixed tomorrow, or we will be back to the original situation where no one seems to have any information about it and start over from the very beginning, get an assessor to come out again, get the upstairs tenant to flush the toilet to actually PROVE  that the toilet is leaking down the pipe, etc etc.
My upstairs neighbour informed me today  that when she spoke to the repairs call centre last Friday the woman she spoke to was clear that this was a job which they were aware of and were waiting to deal with.

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