Monday, 20 September 2010

Repairs again

On Friday the contractors came out in force to put some sealants on the cast iron soil pipe and the leaking drainpipe next door. In my opinion the drainpipe is probably blocked at the bottom, which is why it is leaking and why the water is dripping around the window. There is a lot of damp around the inside of the window and limescale and damaged paintwork on the outside of the window near the drainpipe.

Today I am having carpet tiles fitted in the hallway.
The carpet was looking a bit worse for wear after 13 or 14 years and I knew carpet tiles would be better as it is an awkward shaped hallway, being in the shape of a T. So today the carpet fitter from Westgate Carpet Centre is fitting the tiles. He has already  brought the tiles in, and  lifted all the carpet grippers. The carpet grippers had been put down 13 or 14 years ago with  the orininal carpet and underlay I had put in when I moved here. They had been stuck down with strong glue and nails.
Now they are up I can see what a poor state the floor is in underneath. In parts it looks completely rotted away.
This looks disgusting...  however considering the wait of a number of months I had to have the damp repaired very near this spot a couple of years back, also considering I was told at that time  there was not any problem with the flooring, I will just cover it up with some nice fresh new  Armstrong carpet tiles.

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