Tuesday, 30 November 2010

staying warm

Today the snow melted a bit but we have more forecast and it is getting very cold at night. Cars are still getting stuck and having to be dug out. Maybe it would be safer to use the bus or walk, or not go out at all if you don't have to.
more about conditions on Tyneside
When trying to keep warm at home make sure you haven't got anything such as a sofa  blocking the radiators.

Monday, 29 November 2010

still snowing, and hailstones too

The snow and hailstones continue tonight.

pedstrian crossing on new mills

Saturday's snowfall made the pedestrian crossing on New Mills look intriguing for the boys.
I had a Tesco Home Delivery booked for Saturday but when I switched on my Mobile phone I found a text message from them saying they could not deliver due to weather. I have re-scheduled it for Thursday but I am prepared that they will cancel again.
The snow had been so heavy that it has squashed the thick cotoneaster hedge and the cars have been stuck in the car park and had to be dug out. We are supposed to be getting a visit from a snowplough belonging to one of the resident's relations, but the stranded cars have prevented access. The landlord has not provided any assistance, neither caretaker, cleaner nor contractor have been seen yet, despite the caretaker telling me on Friday  they received a deliver of Rock Salt!

November snowfalls

My neighbour's boys went out with my camera on Saturday and photographed snow. This is what it looked like on Saturday, on the path near Leazes Court (New Mills side). We have had 4 times as much as this since, it has snowed on and off every day and night since last Wednesday. This morning we had thunder and lightning, and more snow!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

buddhist altar updated

There are a few additions to the altar. I bought a small hand bell which can be seen in it's case under the kesa. There is also a large artwork from IKEA over the altar. It could be a lotus flower opening. I have had a birthday since I dedicated the altar and I received a wooden buddha statue and a buddha card, so they are both on the altar, on the left and right sides of the central buddha.

update to the buddhist altar

The altar with some additions

about the meditation chair

When I first began to meditate I learned that it was important to sit upright. So each time I began meditating I would bring a wooden chair in from the kitchen. It was awkward having to move the chair every time. So I decided to use what was  already in the room. So I put a big wedge cushion on the armchair I had inherited from Nana with the sideboard. Then I put an ergonomic spelt pillow on that. Then a throw made of recycled saris. Then yet another cushion. Once sitting on all hat lot, my spine is perfectly straight. The final cushion gives  little support to stop me slouching. Then there is a small hand cushion to rest my hands on. This was a present from Mum a few years ago.  

meditation autumn

Here is my meditation chair where I sit every day.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

CSR, retreats, blood problems

Recently I have spent a fair bit of time at the hospital getting my blood checked out and having anti clotting injections of Tinzeparin, and then we were all a bit shocked at the government's comprehensive spending review.
I was glad to get away for a weekend retreat at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey and calm down  a bit.
On returning I found that people are starting to talk about some of the issues I care about, such as social housing and  the insanity of the UK property (speculator's) market.
I discovered a journal called Inside Housing, within which many people are discussing these matters. Also I found a blog in which someone is sharing knowlege on flat dwelling, so I added it to my blog list. 
I like living in a flat, and I like where I live, but sometimes we do feel we are not getting a fair deal.
We have a new housing officer, who is in the estate office  for  2 half hour sessions each week, and apparently he is keen to sort out some of the ongoing issues. I plan to call in and discuss the drain and gutter maintenance.
On the subject of fair deals I have been reading about certain practice s of the great Google, and have just changed my search engine to one called "100 search engines"
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