Tuesday, 2 November 2010

CSR, retreats, blood problems

Recently I have spent a fair bit of time at the hospital getting my blood checked out and having anti clotting injections of Tinzeparin, and then we were all a bit shocked at the government's comprehensive spending review.
I was glad to get away for a weekend retreat at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey and calm down  a bit.
On returning I found that people are starting to talk about some of the issues I care about, such as social housing and  the insanity of the UK property (speculator's) market.
I discovered a journal called Inside Housing, within which many people are discussing these matters. Also I found a blog in which someone is sharing knowlege on flat dwelling, so I added it to my blog list. 
I like living in a flat, and I like where I live, but sometimes we do feel we are not getting a fair deal.
We have a new housing officer, who is in the estate office  for  2 half hour sessions each week, and apparently he is keen to sort out some of the ongoing issues. I plan to call in and discuss the drain and gutter maintenance.
On the subject of fair deals I have been reading about certain practice s of the great Google, and have just changed my search engine to one called "100 search engines"

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