Monday, 29 November 2010

pedstrian crossing on new mills

Saturday's snowfall made the pedestrian crossing on New Mills look intriguing for the boys.
I had a Tesco Home Delivery booked for Saturday but when I switched on my Mobile phone I found a text message from them saying they could not deliver due to weather. I have re-scheduled it for Thursday but I am prepared that they will cancel again.
The snow had been so heavy that it has squashed the thick cotoneaster hedge and the cars have been stuck in the car park and had to be dug out. We are supposed to be getting a visit from a snowplough belonging to one of the resident's relations, but the stranded cars have prevented access. The landlord has not provided any assistance, neither caretaker, cleaner nor contractor have been seen yet, despite the caretaker telling me on Friday  they received a deliver of Rock Salt!


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