Thursday, 3 March 2011

Broken crockery

A few days ago I had Paul the Painter in to paint and renovate the ceiling in the kitchen and long hallway.
I had some Ecos insulating paint left over from the bedroom ceiling so we used that.  I had to clear all the clutter off the surfaces in the kitchen. The pan of brown rice which was sitting on top of the stove got put away in the back of the cupboard.
Unfortunately I was not giving my whole attention when I got it out again, and the crappy shelf in the cupboard went askew and down fell my dishes and broke on the floor into many shards of glass and pottery.
One old casserole dish, maybe from ancestors in the distant past. One large  glass trifle dish, from Jeff's mother or maybe even older.
Oops, farewell to old dishes. Unfortunately now I have no casserole dishes at all.
I have been asked by Jeff to remind him to see if there are any spares in his kitchen or outhouse.
Also Deb gave me some scented candles in exchange for a radio I no longer needed, so Jeff is also going to look for old candlesticks lurking in the clutter hiding place of old dwellings.

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