Thursday, 3 March 2011

Duties of a Landlord Part 2

Paradoxically, I found that it would be helpful to put my letters about the poor state of the building on here, its as if I am putting it "out there" rather than hanging on to it.
So here is my letter of last year about the broken guttering, sent to the resident liaison officer of the landlord's repair contractor:

I am writing to ask if you have any more  news on the status of this repair.
We are into the third week with parts of the gutter completely missing and the part above the main door loose so you can see the sky through it when you look up. The rain and snow melt is running down the outside  walls, and onto the electrical cables which run above the main door.

In a recent leaflet sent by [landlord] we were asked to check leaking gutters and drains and report them.
We have reported them, so what happens now?

As they are attempting to meet Decent Homes Standards, this gutter problem will be compromising such plans and cause  the building to become increasingly damp and no longer weatherproof.

There are now at least 2 voids on the ground floor flats nearby, it is the ground floor flats (which all have concrete floors and poor ventilation) which will be affected by the broken guttering. My neighbour  next door and I have obtained dehumidifiers to help manage the damp conditions and are having them on all the time, also the heating bills are very high due to needing to combat the damp conditions.

As there are deadlines for completion of repairs, whether this would be classed as urgent or routine, my neighbours and I would appreciate an update on the progress of these works. 

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