Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Duties of a Landlord

I have decided to post about what has been happening at home, with the state of the building.
It was strange that over the winter I was not feeling too good. There were a lot of things preying on my mind. Mum had a heart attack at the beginning of winter and we were all dealing with that. Then being stuck at home when the weather was so bad.
I went to see the GP and she said I was suffering from stress. 
I  decided to go to  Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey for an intensive 3 day  meditation retreat...
Begin meditation at 6 am; Continue in different forms through the day, mainly in silence; Not much tea; lots of water; healthy wholefood, mainly vegan.
When I came home on Sunday I felt totally de-stressed. In fact I had forgotten what I was stressed about.
So now I am trying to change my life so that I don't react with stress. Not take on board worry work which is not my work. Let other people take responsibility for themselves and not try to conflictingly  "control" them. Take the advice of the occupational therapist and delegate more.
So, I am not going to try to do the landlord's job for them, and not worry about maintenance of the building . If they want to let it decay that is their problem.
Here is the letter I wrote a few weeks back.

 Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you today to ask if you can tell me what is happening with the planned replacement of the broken guttering which I reported to [your contractor] on December 3, 2010.

As tenants we expect the landlord to provide prompt repairs to guttering and the external walls of our homes and this current  situation is completely unacceptable.

Earlier correspondence on this matter is copied for your attention  at the end.
I have now been told by
[your contractor] that the work is out of their hands, that all relevant personnel are aware of it  and [You] are now dealing with it.
The broken guttering is causing damp patches on the walls and on the floor near the external walls. At 3 points water came into the house after heavy rain and I had to get
[your contractor] to come out and fix the leaks.

I read in [your] Residents' Annual Report 2009/2010 North East:
95.5% homes meet Decent Homes Standard (weatherproof) and those which do not live in homes meeting Decent Homes  to be told why;
Residents to be involved in planned works.
[your contractor] staff have told me that:
1. we have to wait for improvement in weather conditions;
2. we have to wait for scaffolding contracts;
3.  it will be very expensive as both Newcastle [1] and Newcastle [2] estates have to have guttering replaced.

In the meantime while we are waiting (over 2 months now) our homes are deteriorating and becoming damp. My neighbours and I  have chronic health conditions and are  under the care of hospital doctors  and the damp is affecting our health, and making our homes very expensive to heat.

I would appreciate a detailed explanation in writing (email is preferable) as to why this work has not been carried out and to be given  a date for commencement.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter,
Your sincerely,

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