Saturday, 12 March 2011

planting diary

Since a few years ago the communal gardens have become neglected. Contract ground workers come round a few times a year to trim the hedges and grass. No pruning or planting gets done.
So I asked our part time caretaker if he thought it would be OK if we did a bit ourselves, such as re-planting the lavender hedge under the kitchen window.
So when I saw blackcurrant and redcurrant bushes and climbing roses in Lidl at only £1.49 each, I bought them.
Wilkinson's had healthy looking lavender bushes at only £2.48 so I got one of those as well.
On Wednesday Steve from Time Exchange came round to help me with the planting. It looked like the soil was in quite good condition, but one of the Lidl bushes looked like it might be dead. We planted them anyway, and I did a bit of pruning on the leggy and  woody old lavender hedge, the bit that the winter frost and snow  had not killed off. Lavender plant went next to the old lavender  hedge near the kitchen window, climbing rose next to that so it can climb up the hedge, and the 2 fruit bushes outside the bedroom window.
So now we have to wait and see what grows.
The following day I heard a motor going and there were the contract gardeners, trimming the hedge, right above where we had just planted, covering the newly planted bushes in twigs and leaves!

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