Monday, 13 June 2011

Guttering Distress

I still have not had any news of  a start date for the replacement of the broken guttering, reported December 3. 2010..
I have had a number of visits from the repair contractors to address problems with the water coming into the flat via the vent hole for the positive pressure ventilation system.
First I was told in the winter, they had to wait for the weather, then they were waiting for the insurance company to pay out, because it was such a big job to replace all the flats' gutters, and now I am being told they just should be doing it.. but they are not.
Yesterday I found some rainwater coming in to the hallway despite having had a cover put on the outside of the vent a few weeks ago, and before that, some sealant put around the space where the new  positive pressure ventilation system had been installed a couple of years ago and was not properly sealed.
The rainwater is draining off the roof at exactly that point where the broken gutter is coinciding with the part of the wall where the vent exit is.
The purpose of the positive pressure ventilation system is to draw fresh air into the flat and push it through the flat, which it is why it is drawing the water in with the fresh air.

After phoning the landlord they again denied all responsibility and referred me back to the repair contractor. I have been told by the landlord if I am not satisfied I have to make a complaint about the contractor.
However I have no issues or complaints with the actual people I have dealt with and ultimately the people in charge will evade all responsibility and blame.

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