Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rice Salad recipe request

Last weekend the meditation group had a half day retreat with our group monk at our usual venue in Newcastle.

I made a rice salad for the lunch and it was very popular, so I was asked for the recipe.
The vegans at the end of the table were able to get extra helpings of it as they did not have any of the cheese or Quiches which had been brought by the non-vegans.

(Quantities are approximate)
1 mug of uncooked organic brown basmati rice (I use Fair Trade Basmati rice from Suma);
1 desertspoon Marigold Engevita nutritional yeast flakes;
1 desertspoon sunflower seeds;
1 desertspoon frozen petit pois (small peas);
1 desertspoon frozen green beans;
1 desertspoon frozen mixed chopped peppers (Tesco or Iceland brand are what I usually use);
1 desertspoon french dressing;
1 desertspoon Mitsukan: Powdered Sushi Vinegar (Rice Seasoning Mix);
1 packet Cauldron Foods Marinated Tofu;
1 teaspoon Baron Green Seasoning;
1 teaspoon Amore Tomato Ketchup.

Cook the rice and frozen vegetables the day before, drain thoroughly, cover them and leave to cool.
Then put them into a large bowl and mix the other ingredients in well.
If you like you can add some chopped cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes, but the salad will then need to be all eaten within a few hours otherwise it will go off.

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