Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dilston Road Artwork

Abdurhaman took this picture of the artwork in the Dilston Road pocket park when we went for a walk round the local area recently.

Fukushima response now

Invisible Snow from Reuters Tokyo Pictures on Vimeo.

A Buddhist monk in Fukushima is looking after the people who have stayed in the area for whatever reason. This short film shows the response of the local people to the terrible event.
Definitely pastoral care in action!
Thanks to Joyce for sending the link.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Lush Recycling bottle tops for seabirds

Lush is asking people to donate bottle tops at their shops, and they will recycle them. They are trying to raise awareness of threat to marine animals posed by the waste which ends up in oceans, and because seabirds are attracted by the bottle tops and eat them, they end up blocking their stomachs and killing them.
Other animals which the seabirds (fish etc) eat will also be attracted by the bottle tops and eat them, and because the bottle tops don't break down, the seabirds cannot fully digest the prey animal, so they will be consuming prey which has also eaten bottle tops.
Once we begin to recycle bottle tops, less will get thrown away and end up in the seas and oceans.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Decluttering the archives

I decided to finally put my undergraduate project in the recycling bin as I no longer have any need of it.
It was quite a long time ago... over 20 years now and the building we worked in has been demolished. I remember the outside toilets on Park Street with the spiders.
"Contingency shaped and rule governed behaviour: an investigation using disguise of a response contingency".

Abstract: "The role of awareness and rules in human operant motor conditioning was investigated. Subjects played a simple computer game for points. Masking instructions were given and a masked reinforcement contingency was in operation. The reinforceble response was either the instructed response, and here rule governed behaviour was produced, or movement in a swivel chair, of which the subject remained unaware. This behaviour was contingency governed. A post experimental questionaire was given to assess subjects' awareness of the masked contingency.Results were ambiguous for most of the 15 subjects used, but contribute to the debate on whether behaviour which is only governed by contingencies can occur in adult humans."

Letting things go, one file of paper at a time.
I'm going to take it out to the recycling bin NOW!

London's burning - Inside Story - Al Jazeera English

London's burning - Inside Story - Al Jazeera English

Running through riotous London - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

Running through riotous London - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

On Sunday I attended the Festival of Maitreya Buddha at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey.
As usual I found it really helpful. Reverend Master Aidan did a Dharma Talk on the meaning of Maitreya Buddha.
Not using TV or radio at home I sometimes tend to get cut off from current events, so when I switched the computer on on Monday morning I was surprised to find out about rioting in London.
I found the analysis of the situation on al-jazerra giving a deeper picture than what the UK news media is giving out.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Pot Marigold

Pot marigolds will grow in poor soil, and do not need either a lot of sun or a lot of water. They are pretty and birds can eat the seeds.

Lavender and Cleavers

The lavender has not been pruned at all and a lot of it died over the freezing winter, but we did get a lot of flowers on it. The cleavers have almost totally covered it, and when we pull the cleaver plants off, they come away very easily, and all the little seeds fly off.

"Therefore, flowers fall even though we love them; weeds grow even though we dislike them."

well established oregano

The oregano we planted in late
Spring is now well established with the pot marigolds and other herbs.


Planted seeds in April, this one got transplanted as seedling a few weeks ago.

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