Friday, 16 December 2011

Lots about food

I got a large bulk buy from
Suma today which should last a few months.
Food Co-ops can get the trade prices.
Some of these items don't seem to be available in any shops around here.

3 KG "Rice - basmati, brown OrGanic Fair Trade"
1 KG bicarbonate of soda (use with vinegar to unblock drains)
6 x 100g cacao nibs
8 x 15 bags yogi choco tea
6 x 270g organic tahini
6 x 1.5 L ecoleaf laundry
5 L ecoleaf washing up
6 X 120G Vegideli Beanfeast Pate
1 kg organic raisins
1 kg organic brown lentils
1 kg red split lentils organic
6 X 125G Yeast Flakes
12 X 400G organic chopped toms
1 kg organic figs
1 kg organic almonds
12 X 125G LOOSE organic tea leaves
1 kg organic fair trade beans
1 X 60 tea lights
24 x 1 suma handmade soap

On Wednesday the meditation group went for curry at
They have an extensive vegetarian menu with plenty of vegan options. I had biriani.

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