Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Saving time

I just read the post below "in order to save time...". What I really meant was "in order to help myself from the pull of reading through a backlog of information I don't really need to read, just because its there".
I also downloaded an add on for Firefox Blocksite which allows me to block certain sites which I find myself  maybe getting drawn into and getting carried away.

Inside Housing

In order to save time I am stopping a lot of my email alerts and transferring them to links on my blog. Inside Housing and Empty Homes are two  of the forums I am doing this with.
I'll put the links in the right hand column to share with you.

Adstone Farm Cottage

Today I am doing some clutter on my desk so I want to post my clutter on here before I recycle it. A few years ago Jeff and I stayed in Adstone Farm Holiday Cottage , and I noticed someone had uploaded some photos of it. There's also a listing here 

  Nice cottage, very peaceful, lovely farm with lambs and swallows, however I had problems on a lot of the walks because I could not get over the stiles, of which there were many.

Chopwell Winter Trees

Some of the trees in Chopwell Woods .

Tree with Brilliant Blue sky

Evergreen Tree, maybe a species of Juniper?

Chopwell Woods

Earlier in the month we returned to Chopwell Woods (recently saved from Government Selloff to private buyers) after a fairly long absence.
More info here on Save our Forests
The winter colours of the resting trees were so lovely. There is a "moderate" walk which was perfect for us.

Bin Day

I really got fed up with my attempts to convince the landlord and the council that the bin collection system was the cause of the rat population explosion.
Its like the koan "what is the sound of one hand clapping?" Eventually you get so sick of trying to work it out you just let it go, you see the answer clearly as a Gestalt whole and it doesn't bother you any more.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Leazes park Holly trees

At last the Festive Season is over and life returns to its usual routine, Yule, Christmas and New Year all having passed now so best wishes to all my readers.
During the holiday Jeff and I spent some time in
Leazes Park with the camera and I thought anyone who knows the park will have noticed something strange has happened to the conical spreading holly bushes, they now have been mostly thinned out (coppiced)?

You can see them in the background of both these photos.

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