Thursday, 2 February 2012

A new Mattress

At the end of last year I was looking for a new mattress as my old one was lumpy and giving me aches and pains.
I wanted to buy one which did not have any animal products in like wool or horsehair.

Often these materials are sourced commercially from abattoirs where the animal carcasses are processed after slaughtering.
I eventually decided to buy an Imperial mattress from
Palatine Beds whose factory and showroom are situated in
Westerhope .
Jeff and I went to have a look at their showroom.
I was attracted that they sold mattresses which did not contain any animal products and also they offered me a discount of 20% off for taking away and recycling my old mattress. I also liked that the beds and mattresses are made in Westerhope and the factory has a positive discrimination policy in favour of  disabled people.
The salesman was not surprised at all when I said I was a vegetarian and wanted a mattress which did not contain animal products. He went to speak to the factory supervisor who came along to talk to us about what the mattresses were made of.
The mattress is very firm, much more supportive than my old one, and it took a bit of getting used to. What was unusual was there was no chemical smell. Usually I find anything new has an unpleasant chemical smell, which I am very sensitive to, but it did not. And after sleeping on it for over a month I can say I am completely satisfied.

If you want to learn more about why vegans and some vegetarians  don't use wool, horsehair, honey, fur, silk or leather, there are some very informative leaflets available to download from The Vegan Society.

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