Friday, 6 April 2012

Frugal Lent

As a Buddhist convert from a Catholic background I had been thinking about Lent and how to make use of this period. My friend Saima from Time Exchange inspired me last year by giving up chillis and spicy food. So I decided it would be a good idea to go without Tesco home deliveries throughout Lent and see if I could manage by using up the food stored in the cupboards and freezer, supplemented with what I could carry home from the local shops within walking distance of where I live. The point was to use up what I already had, and eat only home cooked, healthy wholesome vegan food.
Conciously Frugal has a blog explaining clearly the reasons behind Frugal Lent. I got a bit short of soya milk so Jeff brought me some in the car. He also took me to Lidl a couple of times for essential items like toilet roll. I used up items languishing in the cupboard. Instead of tea bags, I used the loose tea leaves I had been bulk buying. Jusna and I made chocolate chip quinoa cookies with the quinoa which I thought I would never finish. Thanks to Sally's blog for the recipe! I also made a lot of risottos and lentil curries.

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