Saturday, 9 June 2012

Reading List

Last time I went to Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey I bought a copy of "Moon in a Dewdrop" which is translations of many writings of Dogen. I am reading it now in conjunction with "Gilead"which Linda the librarian has asked me to read, in preparation for attending a book group she runs.

She also recommemended
Civilization : the six killers apps of Western p ...
By Ferguson, Niall

I did not care much for this book although I learned quite a bit about China and also the history of colonisation of the Americas. I did not have the patience to finish it.
I also read

Aftermath : on marriage and separation
By Cusk, Rachel

This one I just had to read as I kept reading about it when I read the Review section in Saturday Guardian, which is where I often read about books I want to read. It was fairly engrossing in a yucky kind of way.

Secret life of the grown-up brain : the surprisi ...
By Strauch, Barbara
I read about this one in the Big Issue magazine... Apparently it is "nearly normal" after the age of 40 to forget names and what you went into the kitchen to get.

Lost river
By Booth, Stephen

Fairly gripping and well written crime- psychological thriller type thing

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