Tuesday, 10 July 2012

guerilla knitting

We saw some purple knitting on one of the railings in Leazes Park. Here is some similar from Saltburn.


I love road signs of all sorts but the big ones near where I live I like in particular. In the distance you can see the spire of St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral and the fuel service station.

White Foxglove

Out for a short walk on Sunday morning and noticed a large amount of foxgloves, both pink and white. So lovely.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

ferns and roses

We have had so much rain the ferns and mosses are growing as well as the weeds, which are sprouting up between every crack in the paving stones.

The rose bush I bought from Lidl did very well this year. Looks like it needs some support (don't we all) a stake maybe.

Friday, 6 July 2012


We also made some hummus. Recently have been using tinned chickpeas, because the kitchen fills up with steam and makes the flat damp when I cook dried pulses.

vegan cheesecake

Jusna helped me make a vegan cheesecake. It was supposed to be mango and pecan.
I bought digestive biscuits for the base from the co-op on Market Street and two tubs of Tofutti cream cheese from Holland and Barratt in the Bigg Market. The mango was from Hutchinson's on Stanhope Street.

We made the base first and baked it.

Then we put the ingredients for the cheesey part, which was basically mango, lemon juice, agave syrup and tofutti cream cheese, into a blender, then poured it on the biscuit base.

It was baked again then left to cool then the pecans which had been toasted in agave syrup were arranged on the top.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Doughnut peach

I was persuaded to try some doughnut peaches which were on sale in Hutchinson's.
They were indeed sweet, soft and very juicy!


From reading "Moon in a Dewdrop: Writings of Zen Master Dogen", I liked this passage about meditation. Bear in mind that "objects" are thoughts, or what comes up in meditation or life.
"Long ago monk asked an old master, "When hundreds, thousands, or myriads of objects come all at once, what should be done?"
The master replied, Don't try to control them."
What he means is that in whatever way objects come, do not try to change them. Whatever comes is the buddha-dharma, not objects at all.... Even if you try to control what comes, it cannot be controlled."

St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort growing in a tiny space in Fenham. Raindrops on the leaves and flowers.

More on the storm

Incredible stories from the Great Tyneside Storm - Newcastle City - Communities from @EveningChron

Newcastle floods

Last week we had some hot humid weather, culminating in floods and thunderstorms on Thursday. I had just got home about half an hour before it started. The sky went really dark as if it was night and then some thunder ad lightning and then the rain. I could not see very far out the window as there was a wall of water.

mixed use path

On Brighton Grove I noticed this marking on the pavement. It means that the cycle path is on the pedestrian pavement for a few metres because there isn't room on the road for it. It looks funny because it looks like someone was cycling along then got off their bike.

Moon in a Dewdrop

Reading "Moon in a Dewdrop: Writings of Zen Master Dogen" I was particularly struck by the following passage which I understand to be about entering wholeheartedly into one's life and committing fully to Buddhist Practice. Sometimes we see life coming at us like an unstoppable force or even a brick wall advancing we cannot hide from.
"This is a splendid opportunity for buddha dharma to enter into mud and water. If you do not realise the fruit at this moment,
when will you realise it? If you do not cut off delusion at this moment, when will you cut it off?
If you do not become a buddha at this moment, when will you? If you do not sit as a buddha at this moment, when will you practice as a buddha? Diligently examine this in detail."

giant rhubarb

Last Wednesday I was in the allotment and I saw this giant rhubarb.
Later I was able to cook some of it in a special recipe involving dates and raisins.

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