Monday, 12 November 2012

Programme of Works

The landlord, in association with home renovation group Keepmoat and plumbing and heating Engineers
K Hewitt & Co.
of Bishop Aukland, scheduled the programme of works as follows:
Day 1: Rewire and new fuse box.
Day 2: Plumbers/Boiler Fit and removal of hot and cold water tanks. Please ensure water tank cupboad empty and benches below boiler are clear. Cupboards below boiler need to be emptied along to the gas meter (that meant taking everything out and packing it away).
Day 3. Electical board change and snagging. Trip switch board near front door changed and finish work.
Unfortunately the rewiring necessary was extensive and another 3 days were required. Some new trunking was put in due to many remedial wirings needing to be done.
I am very sad to see my old boiler go to the great scrappage yard of impermanence which is the fate of all beings, both animate and non animate. Hopefully it will have a new life in another form. Maybe as a car part or made into a new boiler?

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