Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bodhisatva Sun

Over the last few weeks I spent some time in Leazes park.
I saw the birds on the Leazes Park Lake and the pigeons lined up on the roof of the Kiosk were all expressing something wonderful. I remembered it was December 21st (Darkest Day) and soon the sun would be reborn.
A few days passed and we came out of the dark cloud of rain and greyness which seemed to have been sitting over Newcastle. I saw the sun in the East and it seemed like the first sun I had seen for some time. At that moment I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the Sun, which like a true Boddhisatva stays in the world eternally providing warmth, light and energy to all those in need, even while burning in a fire.
The concept of a boddhisatva as one who stays in samsara eternally to help all beings, was finally grasped. Hail to Brother Sun!

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