Friday, 29 March 2013

Blyth Beach

After our visit to Northumberlandia we had a walk on Blyth Beach. During weekends and public holidays any half way decent weather brings lots of people and their canine companions on to Blyth Beach.
The Fish and Chip shop is well known to be one of the best in the area.

The beach huts are very pretty. As well as being weatherproof they have lovely stone buttresses and living roofs. That means plants naturalised on them. People are not allowed to camp or stay overnight in the beach huts, but they make a good place to meditate or be a base to spend your day at the beach. Having a picnic or changing into swimming togs.

Northumberlandia's birthplace

This photo shows the area around the Northumberlandia earthwork to be a large opencast mine. Once the mining is finished maybe some more large artworks will be commissioned.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Rising Damp...NOT!

This winter has been quite long and cold. Due to recently reading my gas meter and comparing it with previous reads I am expecting my next bill to be very high.
The flat continues to be quite damp and I am running the dehumidifier all the time. I touched up the paintwork in the hallway yesterday and found some of the plaster very damp near the base of the wall and the paint flaking off. Landlord still has not addressed problem of overflowing gutter and ventilation system still needs a new filter. Moss and weeds growing all around the base of the building. Solid brick wall has an external insulation which is saturated with mould between the brick and the insulation coating layer.
I found the following site very useful about damp, it explains the most common reasons for damp are:
not rising damp . Many other more simple due to poor building methods,our wish to constantly add on or structurally change our homes or simple lack of maintenance over the years. Very interesting and informative.

animal altar

A while ago I put my collection of whimseys and other pottery animals on my altar with a Buddha meditating in front of a picture of a woodland spring. The rabbit reminds me of the meditating rabbits on the lawn at Throssel, the zebra is a bit distant and uninvolved, the snail will eventually get to sit in front of the meditating Buddha, and the other animals also have Buddha Nature.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What is Fuel Poverty?

UK Government defines household fuel poverty as a household in which 10% or more of income goes on heating the home
Go to their site

I calculated my own household status
using this resource and was surprised to find I am in fuel poverty. Other people I know did it too and found the same.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Visiting Northumberlandia

Jeff and I visited Northumberlandia at the weekend.
Said to be the world's largest earthwork of a human figure.
You tube video not my own but I liked it.

Photos from my camera, Jeff's shots.

I have been thinking recently about how we humans all seem to need approval. Someone asked me if it was common for people to want everyone to like them. I think its a natural thing that we all want to be liked. But it can become a problem if we do things just to please others and gain approval.
Ultimately we have to like ourselves and know that deep acceptance, which doesn't come from outside of us.
Practicing meditation, we can begin to know ourselves, and begin this process.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Photographs Of Newcastle: Leazes Park - Snow - January 2013

Photographs Of Newcastle: Leazes Park - Snow - January 2013: A few photos taken during the recent winter weather here in Newcastle.

Bradley Manning in Court today

Bradley Manning in Court today, follow story here

Tyne shipping

These ports are active at the moment: Tyne, North Sheilds, Seaham, Sunderland, Hartlepool, Blyth, Teesport, with lots of shipping such as
we saw off the coast when our meditation group went for our half day retreat. After we had lunch (everyone brought food and soft drinks to share) we took our Group Monk to the Rendezvous Cafe in Whitley Bay. Our route
mapped here
meandered through the lovely suburb between West Monkseaton and Whitley Bay, giving us time to look at the gardens and houses.
On the seafront you can see ships in the distance. The more you look the more you see.
There is a lot more shipping going in and out than a lot of people are aware. Trawlers, container ships and passenger ships bound for Northern Europe.
I found a few links to the most interesting sites.

seaham harbour in county durham, large goods port

cable maker DuCo's own port on the Tyne in in Walker

ONG a large fabricator on the Tyne with its own dock in Wallsend

webcams and live map showing all ships around Tyne, also Blyth area

The large crane on the Tyne at Walker which supports these ships was discussed in this page from the BBC. Please visit there for latest news from Herbwormwood