Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Rising Damp...NOT!

This winter has been quite long and cold. Due to recently reading my gas meter and comparing it with previous reads I am expecting my next bill to be very high.
The flat continues to be quite damp and I am running the dehumidifier all the time. I touched up the paintwork in the hallway yesterday and found some of the plaster very damp near the base of the wall and the paint flaking off. Landlord still has not addressed problem of overflowing gutter and ventilation system still needs a new filter. Moss and weeds growing all around the base of the building. Solid brick wall has an external insulation which is saturated with mould between the brick and the insulation coating layer.
I found the following site very useful about damp, it explains the most common reasons for damp are:
not rising damp . Many other more simple due to poor building methods,our wish to constantly add on or structurally change our homes or simple lack of maintenance over the years. Very interesting and informative.

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