Friday, 5 April 2013

War Graves and Karma

The new sign showing St. Nicholas Cemetery contains Commonwealth War Graves. These are graves from persons who died in the military during the second and first world wars, from within the Commonwealth.
There is a website for commonwealth war graves.
Click here .
Do you know anyone who has a relative who died in WW1 or WW2? If so they want to hear from you. They have funding to renovate or put memorials on the graves. Its a peace-promotion group.

Last week our meditation group listened to a CD by Reverend Myoho, one of the monks affiliated to Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. There was something about Karma from innumerable lives.
Later I was thinking about it and it came into my mind about our conditioning. We are all the way we are in large part from conditioning. That conditioning takes from our parents and their parents. The grandparents were conditioned by their own parents, and back to the time of witch burning, medieval days and before. Conditioned from our culture and where we were born. The place we were born has its own conditioning, that it was shaped from many different factors, human hand, nature, geography etc.
WW1 and WW2 shaped our karma. People born in wartime and who were children in wartime are often emotionally scarred by the war experiences. Some elderly people are never able to talk about their experiences of wartime childhood. Being separated from their parents and home as evacuees. UK history has an effect on how people live here now. Politics, environment, sociology, it all is affected by history.
That karma thing makes a lot more sense now.

St. Nicholas Cemetery new signage

There has been some upgrades to St. Nicholas Cemetery. For so long this small cemetery was so neglected it looked as if the Council had forgotten all about it. Now it has lovely new signs, which just makes it look cared for. People are still getting buried here. Please visit there for latest news from Herbwormwood