Thursday, 18 July 2013

Gardening Project

Each Year Arthur's Hill Time Exchange do gardening work in the local area. Recently they have taken over maintenance of the brick planters around Arthur's Hill. Normally Newcastle City Council maintain the planters but they have not been able to afford it since Central Government cut their budget.
Here is a planter on Stanton Street, and also some evidence that council cuts to domestic refuse collection services are causing people to dump rubbish elsewhere than in their domestic bin.

I have had discussions with people about this. People say why should we need our bins emptying every week, when we can recycle things instead? Surely getting our bins emptied fortnightly is enough?
My answer: some families have a lot of children and maybe they are caring for elderly parents or disabled family members who live with them. They don't have a garden so they can't do composting. Their young children have nappies (not recyclable) which need changing. Their older children want to eat junk food. They have poor literacy skills and are not sure how to go about recycling or what they can recycle.

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