Monday, 25 November 2013


This is a small detail of lichens on bark which I saw in Leazes Park last Sunday.

Winter is here now and we even had a tiny bit of snow, so I have been told.
The autumn took me to a 15 day stay at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. I was able to stay for the Segaki retreat, which was pretty good despite me feeling quite unwell for a large part of it. Not wishing to come home early I decided the only thing for do was take refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and talk to a couple of the monks about how unwell I was feeling.
Being away from family and friends, being away from home and all the things I normally busy myself with, no TV, no internet, no phone reception, also on purpose I don't read books or magazines while I am there, so I really look at what my mind is doing to itself.

There were some really good Dharma talks, which are on the Throssel website.
Look on the right hand side for Throssel web site. Then open the Dharma talks link.
Then I stayed on for another week and spent some time walking in the garden. On the last weekend of my stay there was the Dharma weekend, and two Festivals, one in memory of Reverend Master Chisan, and one in memory of Reverend Master Jiyu. Jeff drove up on the Sunday to bring me home.

I am so grateful to be able to live so near to such a lovely Park as Leazes Park. The Park is not well maintained since the Council Cut backs, and weeds are really taking over in some parts.

On the way out of the Park I noticed this unusual bush. Its a one with dark green waxy leaves shaped like hands.

The swans seem to stay all year round. I liked the light on this photo.
Apparently all the swans in the UK are the "property" of The Queen, and it is an offence in law to kill or harm one. It once was classed as Treason.

This shows the lake with the trees and snack kiosk.

Autumn colours, near the Richardson Road side of the Park.

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