Friday, 16 May 2014

Old Benwell Cricket Club then and now

View of Nun's Moor from Walter Terrace, before completion of fencing work.

The work on fencing off the Nun's Moor between Studley/Walter Terrace and Barrack Road has been completed for a while now and I think it is better because vehicles can no longer drive on it.
The Freemen of the City have a newsletter with details of exactly what was done
which you can download or read here

Next to Leazes Court (Barrack Road) there was an old building which was demolished a few years ago, after having being derelict for years. You can still see the pipe where the water mains was connected, near the entrance to the Moor.
On the site of that old house there now grows the most beautiful lilac bush, and behind is a stand of mature trees. In the distance is a grassy area where lads play cricket and football, then west of that is Walter Terrace.
Its also one of the most popular dog walking spaces.

Here's that Green space now

Lilac bush from Barrack Road side

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