Friday, 18 July 2014

Pebbles and stones with moss and lichen

Recently I bought a reconditioned iPhone 4s on ebay, and I have been taking a lot of photos with it.
I have only just worked out how to focus it but it is very handy to just have in the pocket when I go out. The NiKon Coolpix was a bit too big to fit in the pocket.

I liked the idea of getting a secondhand phone as it accorded with my principles about recycling and the enviromnent.

I made this stones series during some free time at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey last month. The 2 stones with holes in were found on a north east beach many years ago, and are supposed to be lucky. I am not sure where I got the 2 pink polished stones from.

Stones in sunlight on wall with lichen.

Stones with flowering mosses.

Stones in crevasse on wall.

After the stones spending the week (during which I was attending Reverend Olwen's retreat) sitting on the windowsill in the room I was staying in, I had decided it would be good for them to stay, but I didn't want to leave them on the wall. I had got quite sentimental about them.
So I eventually decided to leave them in the plant pot outside the Abbot's House.
I dedicated the merit of my activity with the to all the trainees who visit Throssel.

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