Friday, 19 September 2014

On reading "Entering the Tao of Sudden Enlightenment"

I am quite into reading books on the iPhone and this is what I am reading on it at the moment:

Entering The Tao of Sudden Enlightenment (& The Tsung Ching Record)
By Chan Master Ta-Chu Hui-Hai
Translated by Dharma Master Lok To
Edited By Dr. Frank G. French

"Tao" can be interpreted as "Way" and "Chan" as "Meditation".

“The Ch'an practicer should understand that past things are already past. If you do not think about it, then any thought of the past vanishes; thus, there are neither any past things nor any past mind. Furthermore, future things have not yet arrived; so if you do not wish for or seek anything, then any thought of the future vanishes; thus, there are neither any future things nor any future mind. Finally, present things are already present, so if you are just aware without grasping at or dwelling on anything and never let a thought of love or hate arise, then the thought of the present vanishes; thus, there are neither any present things nor any present mind. ”

Excerpt From: Chan Master Ta-Chu Hui-Hai.
“Entering the Tao of Sudden Enlightenment.”

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