Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Going back into the past at Blyth Beach

We went back to Blyth beach where the weather was rather inclement. I got a pain in my head, from the wind howling through my ears. Eyes streaming, nose dripping, just from the cold wind.
However the sun was out enough to light up the beachcombers' treasure (left in situ).

There is a shell, formed around a crustacean, could be a small dog whelk, and a bit of pottery.
Look at the design on it. I am fairly sure someone worked in a factory or shed somewhere, painting on this design on a cup, jug or plate. Then maybe it was bought by someone to have a family meal on.
Then what happened? Did it break and get thrown away? How many years ago? And where did it come from? The other side of the North Sea, or even further? Or maybe on the east coast? Maybe it was off a ship wreck.
The waves and sand have artfully displayed the treasures, no need to rearrange them.

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