Monday, 29 December 2014

Leazes Park Derelict House To Let (Newcastle City Centre)

This is the house in Leazes Park which has been falling gradually into a derelict state. We have seen police vans parked outside many times, also lots of vandalism, and then the security fence went up.
Now it appears to be "To Let".

"David" posted a Freedom of Information request to Newcastle City Council about the house which can be seen

I decided to think of the best use for the house and came up with the following.
The house should be totally refurbished in its original style. It shall be retrofitted to an energy rating of A+.
It shall include solar panels in the roof or a turf roof, depending on what would suit its position most.
It shall have rainwater capture to recycle rainwater to flush the toilets.
The Ash tree in its garden shall have a Tree Preservation Order and some bat boxes fitted to its trunk. There shall be a Community Garden with bee hives and visits from local schoolchildren to work in the garden and learn about eco-houses.
Sponsorship for this retrofit shall come from one of the companies in the local area who market themselves as eco-pioneers. In return they can get free publicity.

As the location of the house is currently putting it at risk of vandalism, it shall be rented out at low rent to a suitable tenant, such as a bail hostel, police or army personell, as part of the tenancy the tenants must never leave the house unattended at night, have a secure line to the local police station, and make nightly patrols of the garden and park.
The house shall be open to the public and schools by appointment for us to learn about energy efficiency.
What do you think?

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Herbwormwood said...

It could also be used as a location for a spooky film. Please visit there for latest news from Herbwormwood