Monday, 22 December 2014

Vegetarian or Vegan Christmas Dinner

These two nut loaf type thingies have been bought in advance from Tesco and I decided to use the smaller "artisan" one as it doesn't need to be kept frozen.

For the last few years I have tried to do as little as possible at Christmas, except visiting those family members who would suffer unduly if I enforced my Christmas boycott on them.

If you want to try a vegan Chistmas pudding, this one from the Co-op proved very popular last year so we will try it again this year. It works well with lashings of Alpro custard.

At the moment I am enjoying roasted vegetables, and these go very nicely with nut roasts.
Put Leeks, potatoes, parsnips, carrot and beetroots sliced and arranged in a metal baking tray.
Pour a small amount of olive oil over them and bake them on high heat in the oven.
If you are visting your relatives you can prepare the vegetables the day before to cut down on the stress. Then, put them in the baking tray and wrap the whole thing in foil to transport it.
Its always a good idea for vegetarians and vegans to take food rather than expect their hosts to cook for them, but check beforehand to make sure, first, that there will be room for your dish in your host's oven.
The veggies do need to be cooked in a hot oven, times vary depending on quantities.

Sometimes Christmas can be a good excuse to buy necessary items for people who for whatever reason are not able to shop for themselves.
In many cases there are people who don't need material goods but still need something.
For those people you can give handwritten or printed certificates tailored to their needs, such as
"I Promise to do 3 hours babysitting"
"car wash and valet"
"Trip to supermarket"
"Tile Your Bathroom"
"3 Hours Gardening"
"I Will Completely Clean your Oven so it Appears Brand New"

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