Tuesday, 14 April 2015

superfast broadband

I have been preoccupied with various matters recently, one of which was a migration of my broadband to superfast. I did spend a while looking into the various deals and speeds but eventually I decided to go for a deal with the company who already provides my phone line, as it worked out cheaper than what I was paying, to pay 2 separate companies 2 separate monthly bills. Over the years I had a lot of problems with my phone line and broadband, I was convinced my telephone line had a problem on it.
I have now got a new socket installed by the openreach engineer which allows the phone line and internet to plug in to 2 dedicated sockets. The engineer agreed with me that the old LJU socket was "corroded". The picture was taken before the socket was taken out and tossed in the bin.
Note the lack of a "test" socket. A few times over past years I had been frustrated in discussions with telecoms enginnners, I insisting there was no test socket, and they insisting I just hadn't been able to find one!

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