Tuesday, 14 April 2015

West End Dunnock

This is a male Dunnock (perching on a bush in a nearby garden) which arrives every year and establishes a territory by singing very loudly. He looks a bit like a sparrow but he is very loud with a large range of songs, and stays on his own, unlike sparrows, which flock together in groups. He does have a female companion sometimes. He likes to begin singing around dawn.
The most common local birds are blackbird, magpie, pigeon, crow, robin, blue tit, but various finches including bullfinches can be seen around parks and gardens.
Recently I was in Leazes Park and I saw a magpie balancing on the edge of a rubbish bin, and in the process of removing a Subway sandwich wrapper. Once he got the wrapper out he threw it on the ground to peck the leftover food.

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